Living Water


As I reflect on the poison water in Flint Michigan as well as in other communities around our country, I am reminded of the well thought out plan of God as recorded in Acts 2 of the holy writ. Although, it was first in the Genesis or the beginning that God established not just creation, but contemplative creation. The waters were so special that God thought about its fashion and form – Genesis 2 said he hovered over the waters; I’m sure it was in sweet contemplation, naming every living thing in them. He fashioned the waters to consume a majority of the earth’s surface and 70% of the human body, we simply can’t do without water.

Psychologist and Social  Architect Dr. Maslow, created Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs, in that pyramid he maps out the road to self-actualization, he puts water as the most basic need for survival. Much to the dismay of some, he didn’t put relationships, money or even love, he put water. Dr. Maslow was stating the biblical and physcial obvious; we can not live without it.

Howbeit that in 2016 the Governor of Michigan did not understand that basic and simple fact….We can’t live without clean water.May I suggest, that a man of such stature did not ignore the fact that a whole city in his state was drinking, bathing and serving lead-based water to growing children and some already sickly elders.May I suggest that his day late and dollar short response to his constituents was not only negligible but downright inhumane. Even after email warnings were sent and he was told, there was no sense of urgency. It was as if an emergency on their part did not constitute an emergency on his part. This is the same disconnect that many low-income families experience every day. Nobody sees the emergency because it ain’t happening to them.

But I’ve got news for you, we serve a God who sees everything. He saw your emergency before it happened and help is on the way. Your prayers have been heard by God.

During this season of lent, remember that Calvary did come and he left me and you here to be answers to each other’s prayers. Here is your Holy Ghost moment David said in Acts 2″I saw God before me at all times”. Your poisoned water has not come as a surprise to him, but it has come as notice to you, let God heal your land. The wisdom that comes from this encounter should first draw you nearer to him in repentance, reflection and prayer, then it should cause you to do something different, impeach the Governor and register everyone you know over the age of 18 and lastly it should make you shout that he untied the death rope in that water. So as I, along with many others fast from all other beverages except water during this lenten season, we stand with Flint and communities everywhere, I believe if you keep giving Him praise,  he will cancel every matter of sickness from the water you digested. Amen


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