Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

What is my life’s purpose? It’s a question that we all ask ourselves from time to time. Discovering why we’re on this planet is actually a natural part of life. Once we become aware of our true power and possibilities, we can go on to live a life of purpose. When you create and maintain a harmonious flow in your life, you begin to notice an entire field of pure potentiality that has always lived inside of you.

From that moment when you decide to live for your purpose, you’ll be able to create as much happiness and wealth as you want because you’re aligned with the spirit of purpose, an unlimited source of all manifestation. In order to align yourself with the appropriate energy that will put you in sync with your life’s purpose, you have to follow three simple steps.

The first step is to seek your higher self. Who are you really? Take away all of the titles that we give ourselves for others to better identify us and really come to terms of who you are inside. Every human being was born with the capability to do extraordinary things but the titles we take on and accept often deters us. What we must remember is that our spirits are so much bigger than our bodies and current circumstances. Close your eyes and look inside yourself to tap into your spirit, the special part of your being that knows that there’s more to you than meets the eye.

The second step in finding your life’s purpose is to discover your God-given gift. When you find and embrace your unique talent, you’re on the right track to leaving your mark on the world and living a life of fulfillment and bliss. Putting time and energy into what you’re truly passionate about gives you the purpose that you’ve always searched for.

The third step is to ask yourself how you can help others with your gift. Answering that question, then putting it into practice helps further your knowledge of self. When your creative expression can entertain people, make them think, laugh, cry, or help better themselves, you’re making full use of your life’s purpose and things can only get better from there.

When you discover your purpose, you have a clearer understanding of why you’re here on Earth, experiencing this beautiful roller-coaster ride known as life. Taking time out to become more aware of your potential makes each day brighter and less of a struggle as you no longer have to worry about your place here. We’re all here for a reason so let’s stop wondering about our purpose and start living it!

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