Queens Who Conquer – 5 Life/Career Qualities Needed to Reign


By: Donna Edward

Happy Love Month! Some people make New Year’s resolutions, but those of us that know they don’t work, spend time in reflection of what’s going to keep us Blessed and Prosperous all year. That means it’s never too early or too late in the year to conquer. Listed below Queens are some qualities to keep before us all year as we reign.

  1. Purpose – The first quality that anyone needs to begin is Purpose.  Purpose is your reason, your cause, it is the very reason you were created.  Some would say its Ambition, but ambition is based largely on feelings, while your Purpose is based on what you were created to do, it’s in your dna.  It bears saying that it may not be something lofty as creating cures or designing space shuttles, it just may be something simple that God can use to make BIG impact.
  1. Keen Instinct – is far more superior then sheer competitiveness. Keen Instinct acts as a gps system for when to advance and when not to. I have found those who are just competitive don’t always have an off and on switch. Success in all its forms is rhythmic and the timing of aggressive movement that makes us competitive must be guided or it becomes overkill.  Keen Instinct is developed through trial and error; it is one of the most beautiful gifts of failure.
  1. Versatility – Being versatile is like being a tool with many uses. It is the savior of qualities. Being versatile allows you to go beyond being adaptable to actually being useful, especially to yourself by allowing you to shift in order to keep momentum.  This doesn’t just apply to skills, it applies to what I call the 3 A’s; attitude, ability, and appearances, which gives you the fruit of access.  It is your versatility that will propel you through a multiplicity of doors and opportunities without losing faith in your own ability.
  1. Endurance – Endurance is the ability to move through a process without giving up or giving in. But the truth is, endurance is a superpower. All Power is energy fueled by that which you are connected to; be it Family, Faith, Finances or all three. Your ability to endure will keep you on the path long enough to both learn and win.
  1. Passion – While the word passion is provocative, it actually means to suffer. It is the overmastering of conviction for that which has been purposed. You can have Purpose without Passion, but you cannot have Passion without Purpose.  Passion is the artistic expression of both suffering and desire for that which drives you.  Remember what you are passionate about can produce the same symptoms of birth;  labor, delivery, and joy.

Donna Edward is the Author of About My Father’s Business…Moving Through Life with Purpose and Passion available at http://www.Amazon.com

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