Cuffing Season



In Genesis 24:42-48, Abraham on his deathbed asked his faithful servant to swear that he would choose an appropriate mate for his son, Issac. Abraham spoke specifics in a general way, he didn’t say who to bring back, but he certainly said, who not to. Abraham was clear when he said, thou shalt not take one from the Canaanites.

So in my mind, I’m like what’s wrong with those chicks?  Well, the term Canaan was referred to biblically as those who looked back. And you remember Lottie, Lots wife she was someone who not only looked back, but she turned into a pillar of salt. We serve a forward God who moves on to the next….the next day, next moment, next hour….we serve a God who honors the present and loves the future. He is the master planner and designer of our hopes and expectation in faith! He is constantly monitoring all future events. He is the one who was, is and is to come, so whatever is waiting for you, he’s already seen it. That’s why we praise Him, He’s good! Somebody say All Mighty.

Back to the Canaanites, they were the Greeks and its geopolitical landscape was that they worshiped many Gods! Oh, I don’t have to tell you, you remember Greek mythology, there was a God and Goddess for everything. They were evolved politically, educational wise and had really figured out science, but they didn’t know God. Abraham did, God spoke to him, blessed him and made a covenant with Abraham. However, in order to fulfill the Promise and keep the covenant, he knew that his son, the seed that God gave to him could not marry a woman who worshiped everything but God. Like most parents, Abraham probably knew the proclivities and inclinations of his child. That’s why when we hopscotch through the text we find him leaving the task to a trusted servant. Touch somebody and say, Gods has got this.

So the servant of Abraham takes a trip to find her.  Notice the text, it didn’t say he was looking for Becky with the Good hair, and a big round behind, he was looking for the right response that would come from having the right spirit. The Servant prophetically declared behold, I stand at the well of water and when the virgin shows up,  I will tell her I’m thirsty and she will know just what to say and do. He was looking to see if she had a heart. Sometimes thirsty ain’t really thirsty, touch somebody and say this is only a test.

The servant spoke what he wanted to happen including the response as a prayer. and before he could get it out his mouth she shows up at the well. Now, Abrahams trusted servant made a declaration and a prayer, He said God of my master Abraham, I pray you, send me good speed this day and give your servant success today by granting him favor in the presence of man. The no name servant was on assignment, how many of you know when God gives you an assignment, it doesn’t matter who knows your name, they just need to know the one one who sent you. Servants aren’t trying to make a name for themselves, it’s not about the likes you get, it’s about the love doing the Masters will. Somebody say Amen.

As the servant parked his camels by the water, he saw all of the damsels of the City come out, but that didn’t phase him, the servant was not looking at looks, he was looking at the heart. And low and behold here comes Rebekah. Keep in mind, still like in parts of America in 2017 (Flint)  fetching water was a serious task for the family and a precious commodity to have in the house for cooking, drinking, washing, and bathing.

The no name servant asked for a drink from Rebekah’s pitcher. A wise teacher once told me before I engage in further conversation upon greeting someone…to notice and deal with their condition. Well, what does that mean, it simply means being Godly enough to address a human need. See Rebekah saw that not only was the Servant in need of water, but he also had camels, she did not only offer to quench his thirst but the thirst of everything that concerned him. The heart of God will see a need and most often exceed the need.

The Servant didn’t need to see another woman after witnessing Rebekah’s Heart. He asked her who her family was, then he told her who he was and what he was looking for and for whom. The holy writ says he pulled out the ring, money, earrings and then took out bangles and put them on her wrist and cuffed her. She accepted. Cuffing Season doesn’t have to take years to achieve, but it does take agreement. Wherever there are two gathered in my name there shall I be in their midst. When you accept Christ there is a cuffing process, it is the offer and acceptance of eternal life, sealed with a ring of protection that He puts around your life, Amen.


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2 responses to “Cuffing Season

  1. Cuffing season, I thoroughly enjoyed this concept. I thought about how how are her needs were met thru her concern for others. In return there was no lack in her life. God is truly a provider!


  2. Cuffing season, I thoroughly enjoyed this concept. I thought about how all her needs were met thru her concern for others. In return there was no lack in her life. God is truly a provider!


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