About Our Tabula Rasa

In life, we all come to many forks in the road that prompt us to make decisions that will either keep us on the same path, or lead us down a different one that could very well be the best choice we’ve ever made. Sometimes, even thinking about those decisions is scary, but as humans, we’re naturally afraid of the unknown until we open ourselves up enough to understand it.

When you come to that inevitable fork in the road that life often leads us to, what do you think about?

Past hurts? Wrong-doings done by yourself or others? Shame? Regret?

While moving through this wondrous journey of life, I’ve noticed that we tend to hold on to our past downfalls and shortcomings, even when we’re doing very well for ourselves. Why do we beat ourselves up instead of acknowledging how much we’ve grown and how far we’ve come? It’s fine to remember where you came from or who you use to be, but holding on to those memories and letting them reign supreme in your current life can limit your power, progress and potential all at once.

What if I told you that you could start over with a clean slate?

Tabula Rasa means “blank slate” or “white paper” in Latin, and let me tell you, through my own experiences and testimonies, you CAN start over at any point in your life and begin to live it as you see fit, with grace, dignity and honor. Even after all of my success, it wasn’t until I wiped the slate clean within my spirit, truly putting my faith in God, that I began to enjoy a rich, fulfilling life.

Clear out all of those devastating, draining memories and refresh your mind anew with the affirmation that you are fabulous and favored by a higher power. If you need kind words of encouragement to keep you treading along your God-given path, please remember to visit Tabula Rasa which will be updated weekly with inspiring stories and news articles.

We all have what it takes to make changes that’s beneficial to ourselves and others. Think of yourself as a tabula rasa and begin to sculpt the beautiful masterpiece which is your life.

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